Now the heist begins, the Stillwater Irregulars infiltrate the Xanathar’s lair and all does NOT go as expected… Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie Warriors” ...View Details

In this exciting episode the gang do some final prep and infiltrate a Xanathar lieutenants stronghold.   Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie Warriors” by Dere...View Details

This week the Stillwater Irregulars make a decidedly awkward exit from the temple and further the hunt for the treasure.   Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie...View Details

This week the Stillwater Irregulars explore the depths of the temple of Asmodeus and engage in some good old fashioned payback.   Intro/outro Music: “...View Details

In this episode, the gang have a devil of a time at the Cassalanter ball and continue their heist.   Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie Warriors” by Derek Fe...View Details

In this episode, The Stillwater Irregulars fail in their objective to get to the Cassalanter’s ball without incident and Jezz continues her “winning s...View Details

In this episode much is learned and much is decided. The quest for the vault becomes even more complicated!   Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie Warriors” by...View Details

In this episode the Stillwater Irregulars “speak freely” at the Speak Freely Tavern and try their hand at interacting with the Waterhavian elite.   In...View Details

The thrilling conclusion of our play-through of Star Wars – The Force Awakens Beginner Game by “Fantasy Flight Games”! https://www.fantasyflightgames....View Details

In this episode The Stillwater Irregulars have their loyalties tested and a strange encounter no one expected. Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie Warriors” b...View Details

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