Masks Session 1 Part 2

This is the second episode of our “Masks – A New Generation” miniseries by “Magpie Games”.   We are playing through the adventure penned by our very o...View Details

Masks Session 1 Part 1

This is the first episode of our “Masks – A New Generation” miniseries by “Magpie Games”. The adventure we are running is "Reinventing the Cape" penne...View Details

Greetings! So this episode is our campaign “post-mortem” for Waterdeep Dragon Heist. We go over all aspects of the game and talk about our favorite mo...View Details

Like turning the pages of the final chapter of a beloved book, we’ve found it a bitter-sweet experience, drawing our first story to a close. We’ve had...View Details

Now the exciting second part of the Dragon Heist campaign finale. The Stillwater Irregulars finally enter the much sought after Vault of Dragons, but ...View Details

Now the first part of our three episode campaign finale! The Stillwater Irregulars battle a terrible hag and then finally make their way to the Vault ...View Details

Free from the Xanathar’s lair the Stillwater Irregulars make some last minute preparation to claim the fabled treasure….but not before dealing with so...View Details

An exciting episode indeed! We reach the culmination of the heist of the Xanathar’s lair. Will it end well for our heroes? You will have to listen and...View Details

Now the heist begins, the Stillwater Irregulars infiltrate the Xanathar’s lair and all does NOT go as expected… Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie Warriors” ...View Details

In this exciting episode the gang do some final prep and infiltrate a Xanathar lieutenants stronghold.   Intro/outro Music: “Valkrie Warriors” by Dere...View Details

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